Spiritual care... for spiritual leaders... in spiritual crisis.

Virtual and In-person Sessions Available Today.


We are staffed by leadership that has over two decades of congregational, chaplaincy, and leadership development experience.


Pastor to Pastors is a Christian ministry that recognizes the Bible as the foundation and source of truth.


Our pastors care deeply and personally about you and will offer advice, guidance and wisdom that direct you to healthier spiritual and lifestyle patterns.

Trauma is painful, but there is hope.

Pastors in trauma are wounded for three primary reasons: 1) they have been wounded by someone else; 2) they have wounded themselves; or 3) they are paralized by unforgivness,. As a result, pastors in trauma are unable to move forward, beyond their wounding, to a place of spiritual health and wholeness. If restorative measures are not taken, a person lives in a state of unaddressed trauma and often manifests symptoms that include unhealthy lifestyle choices, addictions, intimacy issues, relational disconnection, marital hardships, the formation of bad habits...

There are no easy solutions to trauma, but healing can be found. If you are willing to dig deep, be asked challenging questions, hear weighty truth, wrestle with the pain lying at the source of your trauma and make hard decisions about your present and future, then we are ready to walk with you to help you find the life, wholeness and healing that Christ provides.

Nationwide Service via Online Care

We offer online pastoral support for those experiencing the effects of trauma. Our sessions are held virtually, allowing us to serve ministry leaders across the nation and world.

Our virtual format allows for confidentiality, privacy, and accessibility to care.

Regardless of your location, we can provide spiritual direction, and accountability to those suffering the effects of trauma.

We are here to help!

Talk with us today so that we can develop a care plan that will support you in your process of healing, so that you can better support those you love and serve.